Happy Holidays!

Tis the season! We cannot believe we got a white Christmas yesterday! I know,  you probably haven’t even finished eating Christmas 204421270555591656_hDtfC0nf_cdinner, but the time has come to start planning out your NYE (if you haven’t already).  Share    with us how you are going to bring in the New Year!  Happy Holidays and we will see you in 2013!


The Vice President of Acquisitions is an Essential Member of the Management Team

The Vice President of Acquisitions of a luxury or boutique hotel handles the flow of capital for the property. This professional is business-man-and-womanresponsible for brand affiliation and creating a positive image of the brand beyond the financial bottom line. Keeping the brand consistent is a team effort that involves the entire management committee and the role of the VP of Acquisitions is intrinsic in this.

Some of the key functions of the Vice President of Acquisitions are:

Data: Accurate, timely and relevant data is essential for every aspect of luxury and boutique hotel operations. A highly skilled Vice President of Operations is able to collect, understand and analyze the data to identify trends, peaks and opportunities to make optimal financial decisions that result in solid operational and marketing plans.

Customer Base Understanding: A successful Vice President of Acquisitions is able to use data to identify the property’s existing and likely potential customers. By breaking down data this professional is able to create strategies for successful marketing opportunities with correctly priced packages and deals that create loyalty and enthusiasm.

Branding Affiliation: A creative, adaptable thinker, who can function during various business climates and market conditions, consistently creates innovative plans that ensure a consistent, high rate of returning and new guests. This is especially essential during off-season and adverse periods when new strategies to position a hotel ahead of the competition can make a critical difference to any property.

Management: An individual who sees a property in a holistic way and understands the various revenue streams that create a positive financial bottom line is able to go beyond a rooms operation. This professional understands the importance of the success of other hotel divisions, including restaurants, bars and spas. Being able to utilize every opportunity to generate revenue creates enhanced profitability for the entire operation.

Purchase Process: It’s extremely important find someone who understands the importance of sourcing the right investors; someone who can make  assumptions based on the analysis of industry research about future market conditions, and ideally create a robust investment plan. The key is to highlight the true opportunity in your hotel to a potential investor. An ideal candidate would be capable of the following:

  1. Determining acquisition criteria
  2. Screening all offerings and develop specific targets
  3. Development of cash flow
  4. Development of investment analysis
  5. Establishment of price
  6. Development of a business plan
  7. Negotiate and close the deal

A successful Vice President of Acquisitions must be a true team player who works cooperatively to train and encourage other managers to create success in every department. Marshall-Alan Associates specializes in finding this type of talent for the boutique and luxury hotel industry. We can help find the right match for you.

Directors of Food and Beverage: Essential to Lifestyle and Boutique Hotels

There is a growing trend recently to outsource restaurants when repositioning or building new luxury lifestyle or boutique hotels. This allows the property to leverage a partnership of renowned chefs, such as Gordon Ramsey at The London New York or Jean Georges at the Trump International Hotel. While these restaurants assume the day-to-day management of the hotel’s food and beverage offerings for meal service, the Director of Food and Beverage is ultimately responsible for the hotel’s culinary program, and must be of the highest caliber.

Directors of Food & Beverage must understand the essential mechanics of the restaurant business. They will curate mini bars that are generously stocked with artisanal and organic snacks as well as top shelf wines and spirits. This requires someone with a seasoned palate and understanding for fine food and food as well as exceptionally high service delivery standards.

This position is vital in the smooth functioning of both the hotel and the restaurant operations. The Director of Food and Beverage needs to provide restaurant staff with ongoing support and must train and nurture them with the correct attitude and process to ensure consistent, optimal guest experience.  This professional must be prepared to handle complex and demanding situations and to make sure that every guest has an enjoyable and highly satisfactory experience in the restaurant and the hotel. Guests are not concerned about the corporate relationship between food service and rooms operations, but perceive their experience as a whole.

The Director of Food and Beverage is accountable for a variety of tasks that include leading and directing others, supervising health and safety regulations and standards, as well as procurement. Excellent knowledge and ability to work with budgets and manage GP are required qualifications in addition to maximizing the restaurant’s resources. The Director must be able to communicate personally with each member of the restaurant team to establish positive rapport and to ensure that the hotel’s brand and  guest experience are never compromised.

Successful Directors of Food and Beverage maintain an ongoing understanding and familiarity with industry trends and with their competitions.  They work closely with sales and public relations to manage annual promotions, increase profits year-round, and improve the image of the food and beverage department. Marshall-Alan Associates specializes in finding top performing executives like these for positions in hotels in the United States, Europe and South America.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We cannot believe it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow! We want to take a moment to say how thankful we are to have our clients. This year has been an extremely busy one and we could have not gotten here with out all of you! What are you thankful for this year?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may this holiday be filled with lots of food and love!


Finding the Right Corporate Director of Human Resources For Your Hotel!

Recruiting the Corporate Director of Human Resources is perhaps one of the most crucial placements a boutique lifestyle hotel will make. Your brand’s service culture depends on it, because the Corporate Director of Human Resources will be the one championing the hotel’s vision and nurturing its culture.

There are many important questions you should ask when looking to fill this position. What essential qualities and responsibilities does the position entail?

  • Leader: The nature of this position warrants a candidate who understands people, the hotel’s structure and culture. It’s essential for this person to make informed, tough, and compassionate decisions. They need to communicate effectively and decisively at all times.
  • Teacher: An effective Corporate Director of Human Resources must know how to take the hotel’s mission, vision and values and turn them tools which operational staff can use and understand to deliver the hotel’s ethos through service.
  • Innovator: How to motivate and inspire a team to perform? That’s the foremost question in the hotel business. The right candidate needs to think outside of the box and develop creative methods and ideas to drive morale.
  • Investor: The luxury boutique hotel industry is built upon service. Exceptional service will set your hotel apart from the rest. Finding someone who can identify how to develop people, and see their true potential is key. This individual should be skilled in investing their total effort in the right people to foster strong team spirit and build a loyal, passionate, and dedicated workforce. These qualities in turn will stand out as the core dynamics of your hotel
  • Talent Scout: Who are the hot players in the industry? This candidate should know who’s who. After all, if you want the best, you need your Corporate Director of Human Resources to know where to find them.

Ultimately, you must determine what the role of this position will be. Do you want this position to have a unique lens for finding new and talented professionals for your hotel? To fulfill a particular “face” within the company? Ensuring the candidate has the core skills for this position is crucial. You must identify the role you envision for this position to find the right match. Keep in mind that the first step is to find out what goals you wish to accomplish through your future Corporate Director of Human Resources.

The Right Corporate Director of Human Resources should have years of experience and training within this field. Marshall-Alan Associates specializes in finding top performing executives like these for placement in hotels in the United States, Europe and South America.

We Are Back!

We are back in business! Emails and phones are back up and running and we are back in the office. Looking forward to connecting with you all.

Hurricane Sandy

The East Coast has really suffered this week because of Hurricane Sandy. We don’t expect to have our systems back at Marshall Alan for the rest of the week. Our offices are without power, therefore, our email is down and the database is not accessible. If you need to reach our offices, please contact Suzanne at SuzanneMcIntosh1@mac.com or 917 767 2971, Kyrk at 646-320-1065,  Joan at 413-429-6116, and Alan at 973 223 8375.

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