Marshall Alan

Vice President of Operations

The Vice President of Operations connects management and staff members in multiple markets for service delivery as well providing operational support for the actual hotel and guests.  This professional promotes, maintains and directly affects the hotel’s brand and overall operational goals and is responsible for directing development and implementation of the hotel’s systems. The VP […]

Why General Managers need to be well versed in Third Party Review Sites.

Social networking and review sites have become prominent features in the hospitality industry. Guest experiences on sites such as TripAdvisor have the power to sway a potential customer’s purchase decision, ultimately affecting a hotel’s revenue opportunities. In today’s marketplace, these sites can not be left unmanaged. Given their impact on a hotel’s profitability, General Managers of […]

How Good Hires Affect Service in Boutique Hotels

At Marshall Alan, we understand how important it is to have the right people working for you at your hotel, and we strive to match senior executives in the boutique and luxury hotel industry according to our knowledge of each property’s unique team structure. Hiring the right people for top executive positions in your boutique […]

Marshall Alan Tips: From Sales Exec to General Manager – How to Make the Move?

Being a sales or marketing director can be a rewarding, fast paced job. Eventually, however, even the best sellers can become jaded or burnt out, and a change is needed. Of course, the logical direction to go is up! As a sales or marketing exec, you’ve learned to read people, to ascertain what they want […]

Marshall Alan: Executive Chef Recruiting Tips – Make Your Hotel Renowned for Food

Not every hotel can recruit a celebrity chef to their location, but you can make your hotel well known for premium eats if you get the right motivated person in place and work in cooperation with them to create fine dining, room service and banquet fare to attract connoisseurs. Marshall Alan shares the things you […]

Marshall Alan: Recruiting a Marketer for a Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels have a specific set of challenges. Marshall Alan provides tips on hiring the perfect director of marketing for these smaller, luxury properties, with a focus on how to make your boutique hotel create an exceptional appeal. Owners and managers of small hotels should be taking full advantage of digital marketing, promotion and distribution. […]

Marshall Alan: Hiring a Hotel Marketing Executive

A hotel marketing executive needs to be up to date and able to adapt to today’s rapidly changing market strategies. Marshall Alan provides five tips on what to look for when interviewing a marketing executive. When interviewing a potential candidate for an executive marketing director, you should be prepared to ask specific questions about how […]