Finding the Right Corporate Director of Human Resources For Your Hotel!

Recruiting the Corporate Director of Human Resources is perhaps one of the most crucial placements a boutique lifestyle hotel will make. Your brand’s service culture depends on it, because the Corporate Director of Human Resources will be the one championing the hotel’s vision and nurturing its culture.

There are many important questions you should ask when looking to fill this position. What essential qualities and responsibilities does the position entail?

  • Leader: The nature of this position warrants a candidate who understands people, the hotel’s structure and culture. It’s essential for this person to make informed, tough, and compassionate decisions. They need to communicate effectively and decisively at all times.
  • Teacher: An effective Corporate Director of Human Resources must know how to take the hotel’s mission, vision and values and turn them tools which operational staff can use and understand to deliver the hotel’s ethos through service.
  • Innovator: How to motivate and inspire a team to perform? That’s the foremost question in the hotel business. The right candidate needs to think outside of the box and develop creative methods and ideas to drive morale.
  • Investor: The luxury boutique hotel industry is built upon service. Exceptional service will set your hotel apart from the rest. Finding someone who can identify how to develop people, and see their true potential is key. This individual should be skilled in investing their total effort in the right people to foster strong team spirit and build a loyal, passionate, and dedicated workforce. These qualities in turn will stand out as the core dynamics of your hotel
  • Talent Scout: Who are the hot players in the industry? This candidate should know who’s who. After all, if you want the best, you need your Corporate Director of Human Resources to know where to find them.

Ultimately, you must determine what the role of this position will be. Do you want this position to have a unique lens for finding new and talented professionals for your hotel? To fulfill a particular “face” within the company? Ensuring the candidate has the core skills for this position is crucial. You must identify the role you envision for this position to find the right match. Keep in mind that the first step is to find out what goals you wish to accomplish through your future Corporate Director of Human Resources.

The Right Corporate Director of Human Resources should have years of experience and training within this field. Marshall-Alan Associates specializes in finding top performing executives like these for placement in hotels in the United States, Europe and South America.

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