What to look for in a Social Media Executive

Defining the skills required to appoint an exceptional, senior-level social media executive for your hotel can be a difficult and daunting task, as the Boutique hotel industry and the social media world both continue to grow. It is, therefore, important to be mindful of specific traits, as well as core skills, to find the best candidate.

Firstly, a thirst for knowledge is key.  This marketing environment evolves on a daily basis, and executives must keep abreast of current and future trends, and weave new technological updates or platforms into their plans seamlessly to elevate current strategies. Understanding how this medium integrates into a marketing strategy is important. This area does not operate in isolation, and someone that understands how marketing communications work across channel to either support or propel key messages into the market place is essential.  A visionary approach is important and your social media executives have to see the big picture, and be well versed of both the benefits and limitations of social networking.

The social media executive’s current company’s activities on pages like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, should not only engage their communities, but also simulate virility. This is when you know their methods are the ones to watch. It’s also important to identify the tactics or hooks used to monetize their activities. It’s all about Return on your Investment at the end of the day, so you must ask yourself, “would I book as a result of this message?”

The social media executive outlines the objectives and strategies to convey your brand online, ensuring the tone of voice is consistent across platform. It’s crucial these plans are laid with solid foundations, not only promoting awareness but also cultivating and executing the service culture and ethos within this environment. Third-party reputation management plays an instrumental role in the purchasing cycle and is a highly scrutinized source of information. If not managed effectively they can sway a potential buyer’s decision to make a reservation.

And let’s not forget personal characteristics.  An entrepreneurial spirit and innovative approach will help catapult a hotel from a follower to a leader in this space.

Boutique and Lifestyle hotels have the ability to develop their own unique personalities and environments, which are driven by a strong service culture. Hotels that can translate those characteristics onto the online space, and develop engaging relationships within their social communities are the ones who embrace this space and understand how to mold active users into customers. Marshall Alan is constantly discovering talented social media executives in the boutique and luxury industry. They can help find the perfect match for your hotel!


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