How Good Hires Affect Service in Boutique Hotels

At Marshall Alan, we understand how important it is to have the right people working for you at your hotel, and we strive to match senior executives in the boutique and luxury hotel industry according to our knowledge of each property’s unique team structure.

Hiring the right people for top executive positions in your boutique hotel goes beyond matching resumes to skills needed. A great senior executive can set the tone for your entire staff, and increase retention all the way down to the lowest levels. Having a team that works well together ensures the best possible service for your guests, and can increase repeat bookings as well as referrals.

Each luxury hotel or chain of boutique hotels has a unique corporate culture. Not all candidates you interview will have the personality, people skills or the experience required to work in a luxury or boutique hotel environment to integrate into your company. The senior executive selected to be leaders could instantly impact the success of any property!

One of the most critical qualities to look for in a boutique hotel senior executive is a talent for inspiring teamwork and a passion to strive towards high customer service levels. Without strong direction, dedication to customer service is the first thing to flag. The best candidate will display an ability to step into an existing team and instantly be able to work with them, inspiring them to up their game and provide even better results to the guest experience in the property.

Placing the right senior executives within your organization can mean a happier staff that work well together as a team, which positively impacts the guest experience and hotel revenue. When these guests receive excellent service, they become repeat guests and brand advocates who spread the word to friends and family, and review your boutique hotel favorably on online review sites. Customer service is the pivotal ingredient in any property, the linchpin that determines success is team chemistry – Happy staff, Happy guests, Happy hotel owners!

Poor quality service is never acceptable. The right senior executive can instill a sense of pride and foster a healthy attitude in the workplace by example and by personal interaction with staff.

A hands-on approach by senior executives also affects staff retention. An executive with a sincere open door policy who will listen to ideas and suggestions from the lower levels of management will create a favorable impression and build a strong team with little or no turnover. This can be invaluable in the boutique hotel industry!

Good hires at the senior executive will always affect service in boutique hotels. Marshall Alan can help you find the candidate with not only the skills but also the personality and drive for the task.

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