Marshall Alan – Tips for Getting Hired as a Hotel Executive

What do you need to know to land a sweet job as a hotel executive? Marshall-Alan delivers some crucial tips.

At Marshall Alan, we understand that in order to be placed in a hotel executive job that fits your skills, you need to know what skills HR departments are looking for. Hotel executives need to possess a variety of skills, because it is not personnel alone that they have to deal with. They also have to interact with the public to varying degrees.

To help you on your employment journey, we have compiled a few traits that a hotel executive should possess:

Interpersonal skills are essential. You will deal with people on a daily basis and excellent communication skills are essential. Being bilingual, or multilingual is definitely a plus. It is essential to separate your personal and professional lives because there is no room for  any personal issues you may have in the work environment. Employees take their cues from you and as an executive, you need to maintain an air of professionalism at all times.

Education cannot be underestimated. An understanding of accounting, marketing and human resources, regardless of what department you work in, is essential. You cannot isolate yourself from anything that goes on in the hotel outside of your own department. Everything is interrelated, and this is true even more in independent hotels.

Experience is always a plus. Competition for hotel executive positions is fierce. Experience is often what separates applicants who land a position from those who do not. Your experience in the hotel industry need not necessarily be executive level. Hands-on experience learned from working up the chain is valuable because practical experience is something that cannot be acquired in the classroom.

At Marshall Alan, we deliver the most qualified candidates for hotel executive positions because we work with the best hotels who settle for nothing less. We understand the difference in the needs of large chains with many layers of executives and boutique hotels that require executives with a slightly different skill set and bring our knowledge and experience to meeting those needs.

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