Marshall-Alan Associates: The Importance of a Sales Background for a VP of Marketing

Marshall-Alan Associates frequently places many executives in VP of Marketing positions. What do we look for in a potential VP?

A sales background is important for the VP of marketing because even though he is not directly tied to the sales department, they do share a close knit relationship. Understanding of the sales department’s work will form a smoother and more productive relationship between the two departments. Whereas some industries encourage competition between departments, at Marshall-Alan Associates Inc, we understand that the hospitality industry functions in its own unique manner.

The VP of marketing must have a knowledge of the overall market as well as corporate branding. These professionals often attend industry related trade shows and conferences to stay in the loop with current strategies. They are also responsible for data analysis and to function as “demand creators” generating future revenue through sales-ready leads, which relates directly to aspects of the sales department.

With this data and connections, the VP of marketing works to convert sales-ready leads for the lowest possible acquisition cost. This can be done in a number of ways, but most commonly it is creating marketing campaigns targeted to a selection of venues, including online media. The VP of marketing is also often responsible for helping devise promotional pushes related to special offers or events designed to bring as many people into the hotel and keep them there as long as possible.

A VP of marketing with a knowledge of sales, is able to utilize data from the sales department and to effectively function in cross-departmental initiatives. At Marshall-Alan Associates, we strive to provide our clients with candidates for these positions who can boast of the best credentials and knowledge and who can capably carry out all of your marketing needs without requiring extensive training in sales.

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