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Whether you find your restaurant in need of a new marketing manager  or you are marketing manager looking for a new restaurant, at Marshall-Alan Associates, the first step to making a new pairing is having a concise and well detailed job description for the marketing manager position.

The key to any good job description is laying out what the job entails without being verbose or conversely so concise that key information is skimped on. Advertising, whether it be for a product/service, job, or brand, is often the first impression a company will make on an individual.  To make the most of that first impression, anything that is created for the public has to be well written and edited.

  Depending on where you are geographically located, the position of marketing manager may also be known as: product manager, sales and marketing coordinator, assistant brand manager, marketing coordinator, market research manager, brand marketing manager and a business development manager.

According to Marshall-Alan Associates, a marketing manager job description should include the position requirements in regard to education, work experience and certification if the company should require this. It is imperative that the job description clearly describes what their job responsibilities includes as some companies have general tasks assigned to a marketing manager while others could be more specific. Before entering into an agreement it is best to ensure that the employee is well aware of what is expected of them so there is no confusion when negotiating or when they step into their new position.

A marketing manager is responsible for coming up with strategies to make sure that the product of the company sells. This entails researching trends in the market as well as competitor’s latest offerings in order to make sure that the company is not out of step with demand. Furthermore, he/she should also be able to identify potential gaps in the market that may be addressed by a new product or service that can be offered.

It helps greatly if your future employee has worked in the same industry or at least with related products previously according to Marshall-Alan Associates.  A marketing manager for a video game outlet will not possess the same knowledge and strategic approaches to situations that a marketing manager for newspaper would. In no uncertain terms, make it very clear in the marketing manager job description that applicants  must be familiar with the ins and outs of your industry.

In addition to the points mentioned above, Marshall-Alan Associates suggests that you be sure to include any other characteristics that you would like to have in a marketing manager. These may include:

  • Working well in a team environment.
  • Strong research and analytic skills in relation to marketing opportunities.
  • The ability and willingness to travel or temporarily relocate if it is necessary.

To create a strong, comprehensive marketing manager job description, these areas must be addressed: education, work experience, job responsibilities, and work conditions that may have to be dealt with relative to the job, research skills, travel and out-of-town assignments.


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  1. Did not know that ” product manager, sales and marketing coordinator, assistant brand manager, marketing coordinator, market research manager, brand marketing manager and a business development manager.” can mean one and the same 🙂

    Though my Resume would shout out “Computer Science” I have worked and working well in a team environment, done some “Strong research and analytic skills in relation to marketing opportunities” but haven’t traveled a lot 🙂 Maybe this post is gonna turn my career around. Who knows ? Thanks

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  3. Thanks you. This is a great article packed with tons of great suggestions not only for the restaurant industry, but for related industries.

    It’s also very helpful to understand the different titles of Restaurant Marketing Manager based on different geographic locations which was presented as a great point of reference.

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