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Marshall-Alan Associates: Finding Talented Chefs Using Executive Search

Marshall-Alan Associates can help you find the perfect chef for your hotel restaurant, specialty restaurant, club or other food service operation.  Extremely talented chefs are very hard to find, and are paid extremely well in order to retain their services. Finding and trying to engage a top-notch, professional chef can be a long and tedious process – but Marshall-Alan Associates can help.

Many talented chefs have specialty skills, cooking French food, organic dishes, pastries or soups with flair. Alternate forms of cooking such as using nitrogen or natural food based chemistry to cook foods is becoming more popular, as is the practice of plating foods with original artistic designs created by the chefs themselves. In addition, showmanship is becoming a part of chef culture with the explosion of the entertainment industry around gourmet cooking. Many chefs have reached rock star status and actually have agents who help them map their move up the star studded culinary ladder.

As a restaurant or hotel owner looking to hire a chef, you face a challenge. How do you find the right chef for your needs? What should you look for in prospective candidates? Marshall-Alan Associates has one of the largest databases of carefully compiled info on the leading chefs in the industry. We can help you quickly narrow down your choices to a shortlist of available talent, even reaching out to chefs who may not have been actively seeking a change, but who are the perfect fit for your establishment.

A chef who can give your restaurant the best chance for success will have a culinary skillset that will enhance your current club or restaurant’s image. They will have a proven track record for running a successful kitchen,  willingness to lead by example, a healthy dose of charisma and an eagerness to help you promote them – and of course, a genuine passion for their art.

Marshall-Alan can help satisfy most of the background and reference checks needed, and conduct preliminary interviews to present you with the best possible chef to fill your open position. Give us a call today if you need a chef – or if you are a chef looking for a change, contact us to find out what positions are currently open and find out if you are the perfect match!



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