Marshall-Alan Associates – Executive Search Focused on the Best Possible Match!

Worried about having to spend days sifting through resumes? Or maybe you’re scared your own resume will get buried in the pile. Marshall-Alan Associates, an executive search firm with specialized skills for hospitality recruitment, helps review staffing needs at the executive level for companies within the hospitality industry. Once those needs have been identified, Marshall-Alan Associates then matches those needs with highly skilled professionals who have the strengths needed to perfectly suit your company‘s situation.

For company owners, the goal of Marshall-Alan Associates is to always match the right person with the right job. It is a service for both the employee and employer, as we take into account not only education and work experience, but a million other tiny details gleaned by researching each candidate thoroughly with an eye to finding the absolutely perfect match for you – not a ‘this will do’ match. We know that large hospitality focused companies are always in the market for the right people. The problem many employers have, however, is dedicating the time and money to sift through waves of applicants that in too many cases look the same. As an industry leader, Marshall-Alan Associates helps assure that the objectives set for the individual hospitality position compliment the needs of the department, division and corporation. We mutually agree upon qualifications of ideal candidates. Upon request, we perform salary reviews, including geographic data that may be needed for relocation.

For executives, Marshall-Alan Associates understands that every worthwhile prospective employee wants to land in a job that is more than a job – in other words, they want a real career. Money matters (as do benefits), but there is more to the process than that. Location plays a factor as does finding an employer whom you actually want to work for, where the company vision aligns with your own. This is where Marshall-Alan Associates steps up and becomes more than just a job search. Using us as your way to find the perfect career streamlines the process of matching your needs and wants with what employers are offering. In some cases, an executive hospitality recruiter can even land you a better deal than you can on your own, which in some cases is translated in the form of a signing bonus!

Marshall-Alan is one of the most reputable executive hospitality recruiters in the nation. At Marshall-Alan Associates in New York, you don’t have to hassle with chasing down decent candidates – we will do all the leg work for you. We will  find high quality matches for your open positions from within our client pool or out on the open market if need be to satisfy your hospitality recruitment needs. Every candidate is screened until we are satisfied she or he lives up to their resume. At Marshall-Alan, we go the extra mile to ensure that each prospective hire is well suited for the position on a personal level as well as a professional level. That can include reference checks, credit checks and background screening if desired. At Marshall-Alan in New York, or goal is to get you the right person for the job – someone who is ready to hit the ground running, and is as excited about working for you as you are to have them on board!

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