Marshall Alan Associates – New York Hotel Executive Solutions!

Marshall-Alan Associates has specialized in placing Hotel Executive jobs for 30 years. From the Marshall-Alan New York offices, our hotel executive recruitment services are used by local, regional, national and international clients. We search the top hotel managers with a personal, one-on-one approach designed to create a strong relationship between executives and prospective employers even beofre the job is officially awarded.

You don’t have time to spend hours writing job descriptions, doing dozens of interviews and sifting through resumes to try and find a fit for your open hotel executive position. Marshall-Alan Associates takes the stress out of hiring by using years of experience and hundreds of inside connections to quickly find the perfect person for the position. We maintain an in-house database of Hotel Executives which is one of the largest and most current in the industry. Our consultants use extensive proprietary “intelligent” files to match potential executive candidates’ relative job experience to your precise search criteria, employing software designed specifically to facilitate our recruiter strategies to access a global network of contacts. We never stop looking for exceptional talent, and our database is continually updated with hotel executive possibilities via scanning of hard copy resumes, emailing through our website, and extensive annotation by our expert interviewers.

Marshall-Alan Associates consultants, led by founder Alan Massarsky, are personally acquainted with the leaders of hundreds of hospitality organizations and thousands of hotel executives, and are broadening this network constantly through identification and evaluation of the most qualified professionals in all segments of the industry. This include executives currently holding positions and not actively seeking a job change.

All of our consultants have direct prior experience with your industry. The most recent addition to the Marshall-Alan Associates team, Suzanne McIntosh, was previously the Corporate Director of Sales at the Morgans Hotel Group and has a prestigious background including extensive experience leading and directing high performing sales and marketing teams for other prestigious hotel brands including Four Seasons and Fairmont. She and our other consultants at the Marshall-Alan New York office have hands-on experience in management, operations, marketing, finance, and I.T., know what you need and can help you find your next hotel executive.

You don’t simply hire Marshall-Alan Associates as a consultancy firm. We become an extension of your own organization, partnering with you in the planning and execution process of  your executive search, hiring and follow-up to assure that the newest member of your own team also meets and exceeds expectations.

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